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Immerse Yourself in
Virtual Reality

Dive Into New Worlds with PLAY'A VR. Experience the Future of
Entertainment in 360 & 180 Degrees with the #1 VR Player in the World
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Works on all the popular VR headsets

You're one click away from enjoying VR at a different level


Supports All


2D, 3D, Flat, 180° and 360°


Intuitive User Interface

Easily upload your content onto our PLAY'A VR Player app and get ready to be blown away by the awesome features that are waiting for you. Watch your content directly on all major VR headsets and smartphones, both Android and iOS powered. You are now able to stream all your favorite VR movies with a click of a button while being able to customize the scale, colors, quality, and tons of other cool features


It's never been this easy!


Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. Simply download and enjoy.

Download the app for on the Meta store, SteamVR, Android or iOS with a click of a button.

Awesome Features

We've made it intuitive as possible with automatic options.

  • 2D, 3D, flat, 180° and 360° Videos automatically recognized

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Shake smoothing

  • 8K Video support (on supported hardware)


You're in Control

Be in control of advanced features to make the experience more enjoyable.

  • Privacy modes

  • Convenient folder navigation

  • Switch from VR to 2D

  • VR Video adjustments: tilt, height, zoom, playback speed

  • Advanced playback features

Passthrough Browser

Watch your favorite movies in VR

  • Youtube

  • Surf the web to any other site you desire

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Features for Businesses

From API integrations to powerful customizations - PLAY'A has it all.

PLAY'A API was made to unify and simplify the delivery of video content. This document describes the workflow of the API and is divided into three main chapters

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Our Clients

Why users like PLAY'A?

Great App!!!

I use this app often and it is very easy to use and has so many different options to customize your experience to just how you like it. I personally have never had any issues with it and highly recommend it over some other apps I have tried. Highly Recommend!

Amazing VR Experience with PLAY'A

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